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Ek Kolaveri, jo zindagi badal de..

November 24, 2011 1 comment

Mr Singh,

We salute your spirit and your valour… Well done !

You have made the nation proud

You have assaulted the shrewdest of shrewd

You have slapped the epitome of corruption

You have attacked “the cancer” in the national administration

It was a bit mild, we would have preferred something more…

But keep it up, you inspire us; ignite our souls; motivate us to get rid of such systemic garbage

Kudos to you; May there be many more like you!

Inquililab Jindabad,



I have some queries ma’am

What is wrong if …

  • a person strives to become famous and uses his/her fame for the betterment of the nation?
  • a yoga guru tries to play the role of a “toilet cleaner” and tries to sanitize the nation?
  • DJ, Karan, Aslam, Sukhi, and Laxman decide to kill the defence minister?
  • What happens when …

  • the cabinet is full of hypocrite bastards with arses smelling of double standards?
  • the country’s PM is a senile gentleman who prefers to hide beneath the Italian Ghagra rather than gracefully resign?
  • we have a president whose role probably she herself does not understand?
  • the Italian Ghagra becomes so powerful, that it can literally shroud the entire nation in the darkness of corruption?
  • Why is/does …

  • the TC at the railway station prefers to let it happen and then provides the perpetrators with two alternatives ? (ek case mein receipt milega sir, but aapko court mein bhi aana padega)
  • the non-corrupt path is so screwed up by the rules/legislations, that the only alternative is corruption?
  • the pace of infrastructure development so “amazing”, that event tortoises seem to be breaking the sound barrier?
  • politics the #1 business in India?
  • Can somebody answer please?