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CPU – 98.6

Back after along time since Khandvification; a lot has changed in life. Getting married changes your life completely – for good. You get more involved, evolved and absolved. Life becomes busier but peaceful, more intense yet restful and lazier but fruitful.

One such fruitful evening, I realized its been a long time since I fiddled with electronic circuits – opened up my laptop (i3, 4Gb – purchased back in 2011; still rock solid), decided the CPU fan needs cleaning and ended up cracking the dried up thermal insulation “paste” that apparently improves the thermal conductivity between the CPU and its heat sink (genius!)

Although I managed to re-assemble everything in place, it seemed the laptop was heating up quicker than before (which might have been an illusion considering the fact that I never bothered about the CPU temperature ever before) reaching temperatures so high, it could have had a major impact on my lineage (and even more on the motherboard).

Looking up on Google, it seemed to me that the CPU had a bad case of viral fever and the acetaminophen that could possibly cure the symptoms was in a 1.5 gm syringe (Amazon)!


And then it was time to open up it up again: clicking and snapping out the keyboard, prying open the chassis and separating out the heat sink from the CPU, I was privileged to view the most beautiful mess that I had created myself:

Then, using a bunch of coffee filters, I cleaned up the older, dried-up paste. I used an ordinary 50% rubbing alcohol solution  (ethyl alcohol, camphor, etc.) as the solvent – although the Internet recommends to use Isopropyl alcohol (>90%) or no solvent at all; but as I type this story from the same laptop and do not see any sparks flying out, I guess it’s OK (although now I realize it could have been dangerous – so all risks are yours and yours alone) . Maybe in a few months, the residual camphor reacts with the metal oxide and converts the 2 cores into 3 – who knows.

Despite using the coffee filter, the cleanup look a lot linty (aggression!!)- so used a hair dryer to blow away the lints (carefully in small bursts so as not to melt the motherboard).

Two “pea-sized” drops of fresh metal oxide paste were then injected on the CPU surface(s) and the heat-sink was set in place (no manual spreading of the paste with cards/spatulas) followed by the overall assembly, which was a breeze.

Starting up the laptop, I confess, was a bit scary – but I sailed through. And yes, it’s 98.6 now – the kid is alright.


Not much load


Three Youtube vids in parallel (maybe some load)

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