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I have some queries ma’am

What is wrong if …

  • a person strives to become famous and uses his/her fame for the betterment of the nation?
  • a yoga guru tries to play the role of a “toilet cleaner” and tries to sanitize the nation?
  • DJ, Karan, Aslam, Sukhi, and Laxman decide to kill the defence minister?
  • What happens when …

  • the cabinet is full of hypocrite bastards with arses smelling of double standards?
  • the country’s PM is a senile gentleman who prefers to hide beneath the Italian Ghagra rather than gracefully resign?
  • we have a president whose role probably she herself does not understand?
  • the Italian Ghagra becomes so powerful, that it can literally shroud the entire nation in the darkness of corruption?
  • Why is/does …

  • the TC at the railway station prefers to let it happen and then provides the perpetrators with two alternatives ? (ek case mein receipt milega sir, but aapko court mein bhi aana padega)
  • the non-corrupt path is so screwed up by the rules/legislations, that the only alternative is corruption?
  • the pace of infrastructure development so “amazing”, that event tortoises seem to be breaking the sound barrier?
  • politics the #1 business in India?
  • Can somebody answer please?

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