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Ae “Status Quo” – Tujhya aicha gho

October 25, 2012 2 comments

This status quo that has trapped me

Does not let me break free

My life, this is my question to thee

What the PHAK do you want from me?


That one little spark is what I look for

To shut the PC and walk out the door

But all I have is lack of  motivation

A lot of baggage and stupid emotion

Makaan Shift kar raha hai kya be

Dear Life, show me the light, give me a rhythm

Let me choose a new algorithm

I remember quicksort has a complexity of n Log n

Damn you ‘status quo’, PHAK off until then!


Jai Maharashtra,


PS: Sincere thanks to Yerwada jail, American Tourister and Wikipedia for the images!

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Learning vowels the SOTY way

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I was trying to figure out the inspiration behind the composition of the recent song – “Ishq waala Love” from the movie SOTY.

And then I came across motivation in the form of a fantastic spoof of the song by some creative artists on you-tube (here). Common sense tells you that some grammatical rules need to be followed while constructing the key phrases that form the song viz.

  1. The phrase must consist of exactly 3 words – 2 nouns and a preposition
  2. The preposition must be either a waala or a waali
  3. The 2 nouns must represent related objects (physical or abstract) and may be in 2 different languages

After laying a few ground rules mentioned above one can create his/her own version of such stupidity. Below are some examples:

Shoe waala joota
Dog waala kutta
Pandu waala mama
Dhondu waala pajama
Highway waala khadda
Vicky donor waala Chadda

Dance waala pole
Dark waala hole
Scam waala crore
(Yeh dil maange more)

Doodh waali gaai
Neend waali chai
Colour waali holi
Support waali choli
Rubber waali choti
Silk waali langoti

Phone waala hello
Goa waala D’Mello
Get up waala utho
Sit down waala baitho
Disney waala Pluto
Hina waala Bhutto

Singham waala bhau
Bread waala pau
Gori waali Shalu
Kaala waala bhalu
Serial waala gattu
Darpok waala fattu

Note: Some/most of the rules have been broken above, but its cool.

Nowadays it doesn’t take much brain power to be a lyricist 😛

Alvida waala Bye,


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Finger 1ickin’ good – Really?

October 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Every day of my life, I thank God (/evolution) for creating (/evolving) those wonderful creatures called chickens.  I am also thankful to Colonel Harland Sanders for founding KFC – a company that extended on top of God’s creation to create a product so “finger 1ickin”, that is has earned itself a place in heaven.

KFC, a name that represents yummy succulence coated in heavenly herbs and spices, has been a faithful companion since the day I first set foot on a foreign land  – Jakarta, Indonesia. My everyday lunch would comprise of 2 pieces of fried chicken, 1 rice bowl and a medium glass of coke (Dua ayam goreng, satu nasi, satu coke). It had become a routine for almost one and a half months. Nevertheless it fascinated me everyday. Once I was back in India, somehow the same package turned out to be costly so I discontinued (I later realized this to be a case of ‘Mental Accounting’ – spending money in IDR especially when you are on a business visit pinches less than spending the corresponding amount of money in INR). But any ways  KFC in India turned to be a once in a blue moon affair for me and I never regretted it. The adage – distance makes the heart grow fonder was aptly suited in this case.

But alas! A day comes in every product’s life that it gets stoned!! Probably and unfortunately, today is that day  for KFC India. While busy licking their fingers and pockets, a KFC Outlet in Thiruvananthapuram forgot that hygiene supersedes everything especially when we are talking about food. The result – a customer spots a dead worm in his “Fiery Chicken”, calls up the authorities and gets the outlet closed. The reasons given are as pathetic as the dead worm itself:

  • “Faulty refrigeration” in deep freeze for months before being served
  • Grilling the flesh at 70 deg C only (when the actual suitable temperature is around 160 – 170 deg)

I hope that this a one off incident and other food establishments (not only KFC) take a page (and the worms) out of the above incident and improve their facilities and processes. India is still not as tolerant as China in matters of the tummy (who might enjoy the added flavors and extra proteins :)).

Kentucky bhau is already smiling…


Keep it lickin,