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Khandvification – The first Milestone…

June 17, 2013 2 comments

I started a new inning in Canada recently, and with a new inning comes new responsibilities. And I have assumed this new responsibility – of a COOK – with elan (oh yeah!!).

As per Sanjeev Kapoor, preparing Khandvi is an art and I am proud to announce that I have nailed it!! Here, check it out baby..

Click on them to get the “bigger picture”  (whatever can be magnified, will be magnified..)


Laying the groundwork..


Masta Khandvi is ready..


From 30 degree angle now 🙂

Public is God

Public khush 🙂

I know you can see that “Babumoshai, is baar Khandvi ke chithdey udd gaye“. But beta, perfection ko improve karne mein time lagta hai na!!

Thanks for the recipe Sanjeev!! You are to cooking what Ramdev-baba is to yoga.

Om NaMo Narayananaya,


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