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Towards Trading Success…

Here is a list of content that I have found useful in my currency trading journey. I am yet to find success and still on a demo-account, but do have high hopes of being part of the elite group of disciplined, successful traders.

First book:


  • Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas.
  • This book is an essential first step in building trading psychology.



  • Open an account on BabyPips, complete the free course to gain a basic idea of forex trading. Make sure you thoroughly understand the Pre-school, KG and Elementary sections – the lessons are self contained thus you do not need any extra Googling while you are at it. And do skim through the other sections as well.



  • Chat With Traders (by Aaron Fifield)
  • Desire to Trade (by Etienne Crete)
  • Market Life (by Adam H. Grimes)

The art of “Tape Reading“:




Some actual traders and their techniques:


Other recommended reads:


    1. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Edwin Lefèvre)
    2. Market Wizards (Jack Schwager) – Learning from others
    3. New Market Wizards (Jack Schwager) – Learning from others
    4. One Good Trade (Mike Bellafiore of SMB) – Learning from others
    5. The Art and Science of Technical Analysis (Adam H. Grimes) – Covers many aspects of trading
    6. The Checklist Manifesto (Atul Gawande) – Unrelated but good.


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