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Investment ke kuch funde

February 17, 2011 1 comment



If you’re working in a night shift, have a ‘good-day sleep’ in the morning and dare you switch on that business channel and get logged in to your trading account!

D-Street ka Don might flush your paihe down the gutter 🙂


Calculate your insurance cover and it better not be some rounded off multiple of your CTC. Find it out of real. Purchase a pure Term plan (NO ULIPs, NO endowment/money back plans) . The premium will be bloody cheap compared to ULIPs. And it will help you in your tax planning.

Of course you (rather your family) will get the money only if you die, but then thats called true life insurance.


Ensure that you have sufficient Kharcha Paani cum Masti funds in your bank account for for the next 4-5 months (known as contingency fund).

Mutual funds – ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme)

Register for perpetual SIP in 2-3 ELSS funds for lifetime. Review your fund’s performance every 3-4 months and feel good or bad about it. If something’s wrong don’t worry – it will “Fade to Black“. Over a long term, equity is always awesome.

Lets says you ‘SIP’ 1000 bucks per fund per month (in ELSS), that totals to 24000 – 36000 bucks in a year (which you can claim under sec 80 C while filing your returns). And this is systematic tax planning, unlike the February-March rush that we are normally used to.

Investing in Equity

Set aside some funds (you decide how much, but do invest substantially) per year for “investing in good quality stocks”. Normally stock prices come down during the budget so it’s a good time to enter the markets. But before entering, do some basic research.

Ratios such as:

  • P/BV (price to book value)
  • P/E (price to earnings)
  • D/E (debt to equity) – see that this must have a value less than 1, the lesser – the better
  • Interest Cover
  • Dividend Yields (very important – a company that cares to share its profits regularly is a NICE company)

 are some valuable parameters you can use for filtering stocks (Benjamin baba ko saashtaang pranam/Warren baba ki jai ho).

(For data you can visit NSE )

Screen the stocks based on the above params, filter them out in iterations, run an LPP (linear programming problem) on the final candidates to find the most efficient way of allocating your limited funds across these finally selected stocks. (Excel’s Solver tool can help you with this)

(You can skip the LPP part if you don’t like it, just allocate the funds randomly 🙂 )

Trading in Equity

Yes, Investing and Trading are two different activities.

Set aside some funds for ‘flirting with the market’ (also known as technical trading).

You must find a lot of free time for short term trading. Doing intraday trading during your office hours (unless you are a full time trader) could be disastrous.

Useful charting tools – ChartNexus (downloadable tool), iCharts (online charts)

IMPORTANT: First of all educate yourself and be comfortable with technical analysis, OTHERWISE BETTER STAY AWAY.

Sona Sona

Every quarter, put some money into a gold ETF (note that NSE:GOLDBEES can be purchased like a stock). Or you could go for a quarterly SIP in a gold ETF Mutual fund.

You know that gold is already trading at a very high value from its historic values and we Indians love this yellow metal a lot. Some people foresee gold prices crashing soon. But all this is speculation; no one knows for sure where the gold prices are headed.

Index Fund (MF)

Register for a monthly SIP of say 500-1000 bucks in an Index fund. (This will be your retirement fund )

Debt Fund (MF)

Register for a monthly SIP of say 500 bucks in a Debt fund.

Equity is not everything, debt is important as well (beautifully illustrated here). And debt funds are more preferable over FDs.

Postal MIP

If you are sure you can lock in some funds for 6 years and want to invest in a safe/secure place, go for post office monthly income schemes. Note however that there are no tax benefits on this. Best would be to put the monthly interest earned, into a Recurring Deposit (RD) and stay invested for 6 years (which makes you eligible for an additional 5% bonus as well)

And most importantly, keep track of  all these investments and earnings at one place.

Jindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye, Sambhalo yaaron

Don’t get addicted to stock markets, you might end up losing all your money. Take care of your health as well. Following are some recommendations:

  • Ghanshyam baba ka Akhada – For strength training
  • Dabur lal mugli ghutti – Helps in choosing multibagger stocks
  • Baba Ramdev ka ashram – For strengthening your nerves.

Just kidding 🙂 . But on a serious note this time – do take good care of your health.

Bas itni si tumse Guzaarish hai

Please start investing in share markets (whether though MFs or directly). We want more retail investors (i.e. us) to participate in the market and make the best use of our population (the segment that’s above the BPL)


Statutory Warning:

Cigarette Smoking IS injurious to your health


This is just a template which could help you take decisions. Follow them at your own risk :).  Investing in equities depends on your age and “Money Losing” ability (euphemistically called “Risk taking” ability). Tread cautiously!!


1. These are just pointers – don’t take it as free advice (this absurd note is purely meant for maintaining the political correctness of my first blog)

2. Perpetual SIPs can be stopped whenever you want (just in case you are worried).

3. MoneyControl or ValueResearchOnline are good places to start looking for Mutual funds Compare, Check (their performance over different periods) and Choose.

4. I have not mentioned derivatives at all (still illiterate/un-experienced in that domain :(, but learning 🙂 )

Keep Investing!


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Aku Soku Zan

February 15, 2011 1 comment

Thats the catchphrase of a popular character Hajime Saitou from the famous (Japanese) Anime series – Rurouni Kenshin. (one of my favourites)

Literally, it means “Swift Death To Evil” which is the code by which the Shinsengumi live.

I have always wondered – why can’t we practice Aku Soku Zan on terrorists caught on our soil? As of now, this does not happen unfortunately. Rather these assholes are provided free accommodation as if they are on some vacation to this country. I am proud that our country has a centuries old “Atithi Devo Bhavah” policy, but guys, don’t confuse Assholes with Atithis.

Some people talk about their rights – Right to a fair trial, Right to live as long as not proven guilty, etc. And after spending a lot of public money on their trials (as well as serving them nashta and newspaper) they are given a death sentence (which might be administered sometime in the future).

But wait, 1-2 months before the actual execution, another plane with innocent passengers gets hijacked by a new breed T-organisation demanding the release of their convict friend in return for the passengers. And there goes the bastard; free, unpunished,  given a new lease of life from where he can start his second innings. He becomes a hero in his nation and probably gets honored with his ‘conquest’ gaining a mention in their history books.

Disgusting isn’t it? Let me tell you one thing – Aku Soku Zan never dissapoints!!

Jai Hind,


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secret revealed…

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Hell!! never thought blogging could be so addictive. Was having a bath and found myself flush with ideas!!

Anyways, I  want you guys to have a close look at this and tell me what this is:

Yes!! you’re right. It’s a Copper Stripper. (technically it’s a wire stripping tool, but who cares 🙂 )

Pop quiz. Recognize this famous scene?

All my Bollywood loving friends will instantly recognize this scene from the movie Chachi 420, where Jaiprakash Paswan aka Jai (played by actor Kamal Haasan) acquires a new identity – Laxmi Godbole – the female protagonist of the movie.

After getting divorced, Jai, who is eager to meet his daughter Bharti (under custody of his ex-wife), applies for the post of a nanny for Bharti.

And during a telephonic conversation with his ex-father-in -law, Jai advertises himself as a nanny. Lux (the underwear brand) becomes “Lakshmi” (with due respects) and “Til Gul Ghya God God Bola” becomes “Godbole”, and the iconic “Lakshmi Godbole” is born. Kudos to Kamal Haasan (and of course Paresh Rawal) for playing such a fantastic role in the movie.

Coming back to the subject, once I was whiling away a weekend at my home in Mumbai, thinking about possible names for my blog site.

And then I heard something – Khachaek-Khachaek – the sound of the omnipresent Bhangarwala peeling insulation off old unused copper wires. Thats when the name struck and stuck – CopperStripper.

Cheers Guys !! Thanks for reading 🙂



My first blogwa

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

This is my first blog ever and I said Well, why not start off with a subject very close to my heart i.e. Investing.

But first of all let me answer some questions:

Q: Am I a seasoned investor?

A: Maybe (thanks!!) but I feel I’m just an enthusiastic beginner.

Q: Will I be giving free investment advice online?

A: Right now I am content taking free advice (not competent enough to give some).

(For free investment advice, I visit, and some others. These guys are doing some great work out there)

Moreover I plan to blog over a variety of topics viz. Anime, Programming, (and how about Music?)

Q: Will this be my first and last blog?

A: Yeh to sirf waqt batayegaa ‘MyLord’

I am (and most probably you are) already bored now. Will be writing about my passionate topic sometime later.

Till then, happy copper stripping!!!



(PS: I don’t love you)

(PS2: Don’t think too much about my alias. I promise to provide more details soon)

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