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secret revealed…

Hell!! never thought blogging could be so addictive. Was having a bath and found myself flush with ideas!!

Anyways, I  want you guys to have a close look at this and tell me what this is:

Yes!! you’re right. It’s a Copper Stripper. (technically it’s a wire stripping tool, but who cares 🙂 )

Pop quiz. Recognize this famous scene?

All my Bollywood loving friends will instantly recognize this scene from the movie Chachi 420, where Jaiprakash Paswan aka Jai (played by actor Kamal Haasan) acquires a new identity – Laxmi Godbole – the female protagonist of the movie.

After getting divorced, Jai, who is eager to meet his daughter Bharti (under custody of his ex-wife), applies for the post of a nanny for Bharti.

And during a telephonic conversation with his ex-father-in -law, Jai advertises himself as a nanny. Lux (the underwear brand) becomes “Lakshmi” (with due respects) and “Til Gul Ghya God God Bola” becomes “Godbole”, and the iconic “Lakshmi Godbole” is born. Kudos to Kamal Haasan (and of course Paresh Rawal) for playing such a fantastic role in the movie.

Coming back to the subject, once I was whiling away a weekend at my home in Mumbai, thinking about possible names for my blog site.

And then I heard something – Khachaek-Khachaek – the sound of the omnipresent Bhangarwala peeling insulation off old unused copper wires. Thats when the name struck and stuck – CopperStripper.

Cheers Guys !! Thanks for reading 🙂



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