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A poet friend of mine..

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment


A poet friend of mine, once told us this line

That poetry might be an Art for the masses

but in reality, its a Science without any classes

It involves some steps really few,  to change one song into a poetry new

You translate a Hindi song into English fair and square,

then add some new words here and there

And lo my friend, your poetry is almost  ready,

but don’t forget to apply the Tadka – slow and steady.


So we decided to put his methodology to test.  We chose a song from the movie Kites which goes like:

Zindagi… Do pal ki…

Intazaaaaaar kab tak hum karenge bhalaaa…

Tumhe pyaaaar kab tak na karenge bhalaaaaaa…


Which on applying the transformation becomes :

Those 2 minutes of my life

oh my girlfriend, my love, my wife

Patience is a indeed a virtue which i soon plan to get

But tell me when you want me to love you

And you will find me next to you all set, set, set

Oops!! And that’s when we realized that Science may be awesome, but its not applicable so easily  (read decently) everywhere 🙂


Arigato Gozaimasu


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