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The mystery of escaping defects and Obama (or Osama ?)

Today one of our managers sent us a picture of an Indian news channel having published the news of “Obama’s” death, adding his  own message at the end – Ensure that your code does not have similar escaping defects 🙂

We assured him for a moment that we would take care, but will we? Rather, the question is – can we? In-fact the Indian media was not the only one to commit this blasphemy; the western media was at the forefront declaring “Obama Bin Laden is dead“. One cannot expect such silly mistakes from a channel of Fox News‘ caliber – but yes, it happened. I am sure they must be biting their own tongue now that they realized that just one letter makes a big difference.

Anyways, I was also wondering if Osama (its ‘s’ not ‘b’ this time)  is really dead. He was probably dead 10 years ago (and the 2nd May operation was a farce). Or maybe he is alive somewhere giggling at the death of one of his clones (and the 2nd May operation was a farce again).

Osama has a clone in every part of the world. Which brings me to another question – what happened to sadda Indian Osama – Pradhuman Singh ? He simply disappeared after the fun-tastic “Tere Bin Laden“. Probably he is also sitting somewhere giggling at the entire episode while gorging on a fabulous piece of Tandoori Kukkar.

Whatever the facts may be, in conclusion I just want to add that – Obama ki jai ho aur Osama ki maa ki aankh…

Jai Shri Ram, Jai Ganga Maiiya


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